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Shine is a contemporary vocal academy teaching the fundamentals of singing, performance and stage craft. Split into two disciplines, the Shine Academy Youth Choir targets budding kids from age 8 to teenagers helping to build confidence and nurture their talents, whereas the Shine On Ladies Choir for both ladies and divas alike. No experience or reading music skills required; just bring along your voice. We laugh we talk but make no mistake we do have a burning desire to sound good.

SHINE ON CHOIRS are directed by Liz Mack professional singer, Musician and Producer.  SHINE choir combines different genres of music and brings spirit and soul together.  There is no need to read music or audition for the choirs - just come along and what you naturally have will be much enhanced and improved.

SHINE'S fit to sing ethos combines Moderate movement usually in the form of a funky and fun Five minuet warm up which leaves everyone smiling then we move on to the vocal warm up and repertoire.  We have a fantastic atmosphere during our classes.  At SHINE we laugh we talk but we do work hard and have a general and communal desire to get it sounding good.

  • "Liz is quite honestly the best singing teacher I've ever had."

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  • "Liz has the passion and knowledge and is a great vocal coach."

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  • "Lizzy Mack is a very imaginative and dedicated teacher."

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